Abstract Submission
Abstract submission closed on 20th March 2015. Information below is for information only.

If you have been invited to participate in a Symposium please send your abstract to your symposium organiser who will be responsible for submitting all abstracts through the on-line submission system (this is a change to earlier instructions).

Please note that presentations will be limited to a maximum of one oral presentation and/or one poster presentation per presenting author (excluding presentations that have been invited for a symposium or workshop).

Submission Categories

Abstracts should demonstrate clear relevance to the field of ecological restoration and can be submitted into one of the following categories:

Authors should also select the most relevant thematic grouping for their submission:

Abstract submission deadline: 20th March 2015

Presenting author registration deadline: 30th June 2015

Note: If the presenting author does not register by 30th June 2015 their abstract will be withdrawn from the final programme.

Presentation Formats
Abstracts can be submitted for either an oral or poster presentation. Authors should indicate their preference for an oral or poster presentation during the submission process. However, the Scientific Programme Committee will make the final allocation of presentation format as it may not be possible for all delegates to give an oral presentation.

If you have been invited to present in a symposium or workshop, please select the symposium option when asked to indicate your presentation type during the submission process. You will also be asked to provide the title of the symposium/workshop and the name of the session organiser in order for the Scientific Programme Committee to be able to allocate your presentation appropriately. Please only select the symposium/workshop option if you have been invited by a symposium or workshop organiser to participate in their session prior to submitting your abstract.

Abstract Submission Guidelines
• Presentations are limited to one oral and one poster presentation per person. You can be listed as a co-author on any number of submissions.
• The presenting author will be notified about the successful submission of their abstract by email once the submission is complete.
• All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee and an acceptance notification will be sent to the presenting author by email no later than 10th April 2015. The email will confirm the mode of presentation (oral or poster). The exact date and timing of oral presentations will then be made available by 8th May 2015.
• Presenting authors are required to register for the conference by 30th June 2015. Presenters who do not register by this date will not be included in the conference programme and will not have their abstract(s) published in the conference proceedings.

Abstract Format
Abstracts will be reproduced in the abstract publication exactly in the form they are submitted. Authors are therefore kindly requested to adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to do so may result in the abstract not being accepted.

• Language: All submissions should be in English.

• Title: This should be a maximum of 20 words and typed in sentence case (all letters in lowercase except the first letter of the first word and the word following a colon). Please italicise Latin species names.

• Authors: The presenting author should be listed first and up to five co-authors can also be included.

• Author Affiliations: The affiliation details of all authors (institution, department, city/town, state [if relevant] and country) should be included with the submission.

• Word Limit: The main body of the abstract text cannot exceed 300 words (title, authors and affiliation details are excluded). Please note that abstracts should be text only; graphs, charts and images are not accepted. Special characters and formatting may be lost during the submission process. Please check text content using the PREVIEW button in Step 3 of the submission process, and edit or replace if necessary. To avoid formatting problems altogether, we recommend that you first copy the text from your editing programme (e.g. Microsoft Word) into Notepad or a similar application before transferring it to the online submission form. This will remove any existing formatting and help ensure a clean transfer. Please italicise Latin species names.

• Funding Body: the name of any funding body, if applicable, should be included as the last line of the abstract.

All abstracts must be submitted via the on-line submission system accessed through the link below. This includes symposium/workshop abstracts. Only abstracts submitted through the system by the specified deadline will be considered for presentation by the Scientific Programme Committee. If you encounter any difficulties in submitting your abstract, please contact the SER 2015 Secretariat: ser2015@meetingmakers.co.uk

Review Process
Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee and evaluated in terms of the following criteria:

scientific merit, with empasis on new research results, cutting-edge developments and novel perspectives
direct relevance to the field of ecological restoration and applicability to restoration science, management, policy and education
submission of a clearly written, well organised abstract that begins with a concise statement of the topic or issue and ends with a substantive conclusion
adherence to the submission guidelines outlined above
Abstracts not meeting these criteria, as determined by the Programme Committee, will not be accepted.

Session Moderators
Session moderators are needed for all concurrent sessions in order to introduce presenters, keep time, facilitate question-and-answer periods and keep the session running smoothly. If you would like to volunteer as a moderator, please tick the box on the form. Those selected as moderators will be contacted to confirm the sessions they have been allocated by 31st May 2015.

Best Student Paper/Poster
If you are a student presenter and would like your presentation to be judged for the Best Student Paper or Best Student Poster award, please tick the box on the submission form. There is no monetary value assigned to these awards but you will receive a certificate and formal recognition during the closing plenary session.

Cancellation Policy
Please do not submit an abstract if you are not confident that you will be able to attend the conference and make the presentation. Cancellations impose a serious burden on the Conference Organising Committee and negatively impact the overall quality of the scientific programme.

If your presentation has been accepted but extenuating circumstances prevent your attendance, we ask that you attempt to find another individual to make the presentation and notify us of this change as soon as possible at ser2015@meetingmakers.co.uk. If cancellation becomes absolutely unavoidable, please contact us immediately at the aforementioned email address so that we can remove your presentation from the conference programme.